Price: $229

Seller: David
State: Indiana
City: Indianapolis
Type: Music instruments

I'm selling a Yamaha CG-111C classical guitar. It has a cedar top, nato back, sides, and neck, rosewood fretboard and bridge, and 19 frets. It has a good tone, although the strings will need changed, because the tuning doesn't seem to hold 100%, but the tuning keys are fine, so it should just be the strings-- they seem quite old. I don't know the age of this guitar or the strings exactly because I'm selling this guitar for a friend who picked it up secondhand. It's pretty nice, and for this price, but it does have a few marks/dings on it, not very noticeable though. One area to watch for is a small crack/fissure that runs from the top edge of the guitar a couple inches down. I don't know how deep it is, but it would be something you could have checked out, and probably have glued if need be, just to keep it from spreading or possibly causing problems. I have a picture above of the location of the crack, it's to the left or upperside of the neck. It doesn't seem that bad, and if it did need to be glued just to keep it in check, a place like IRC Music should take care of this for I imagine fairly low cost. Aside from this, there's nothing really to deal with, except a change of strings would be good. This is really much much less than their usual price, new they go for about $229! So for the money, this is a pretty good deal. Let me know if you're interested, and I'd be happy to let you try it out and see what you think before you buy! Payment must be in person and cash only.